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Fly into KOS or new expressway from PHN
& then 30-min Ferry boat to our Island
(as of March '24)

Recommend ->

Unless coming
from Siem Reap ->

Or other cities ->

Important Notice...  Our closest city on the mainland is Sihanoukville (map), which sadly resembles one giant casino construction zone at the moment.  Yes, it is home to several long, incredibly beautiful white sand beaches; However getting to/from those beaches is not a pleasant experience for the time being (and likely through out 2024).

1.  Thus we highly recommend that our guests time their travel through Sihanoukville to avoid any layovers in Sihanoukville.  Fortunately, this is fairly easy to do if arriving in Sihanoukville by mid-afternoon and departing the island after check-out. 

2.  It is important to take only Island Speed Ferry or Romny Ferry to Paradise (Soonoeng) Pier in Saracen Bay, on Koh Rong Sanloem (not Koh Rong).




A. Car Service via Phnom Phen -- In November 2022, Cambodia opened a brand new US$2 billion E4 expressway (info) from the Phnom Phen airport (IATA Code: PHN) to Sihanoukville's ferry pier.  It is a modern, safe & enjoyable 2-hour smooth ride from PHN airport (add extra time if from Phnom Phen city center).    Email us and we will be happy to confirm car service to meet your flight at PHN, or hotel pickup in Phnom Phen, directly to the Sihanoukville ferry pier to Koh Rong Sanloem.  No need to pay anything to the driver, you can settle the charge with us at check-out.

B. Flights via Sihanoukville -- Flights to/from Sihanoukville airport (IATA Code: KOS) have not yet returned to pre-Covid levels & options due to the convenience of the new expressway.  Flights remain limited in number with connections usually only from Siem Reap or Saigon (flights info)

C. Car Service via Kep or Kampot -- Hotel pickups from Kep or Kampot are common, and take you directly to the Sihanoukville ferry pier to Koh Rong Sanloem.  Other cities and even border crossing are also available with enough advance booking.  No need to pay anything to the driver, you can settle the charge with us at check-out.

FERRY SERVICES TO OUR ISLAND....  Island Speed Ferry or Rumny Ferry

Important... We need to know which ferry you will take, so that our shuttle boat can meet your ferry and our staff can carry your luggage for you.   If you forget to inform us in advance, then we ask that 1 member stay with your luggage at the pier and the other(s) walk along the white sand beach to get us (~10-min walk from Paradise Pier).

i.  We are happy to book your ferry to the island, if you contact us with enough advance notice!  There is no extra charge, and you can settle the cost for Romny Ferry with us at check-out, however Island Speed Ferry must be paid to them prior to boarding the boat.

ii. No problem if you prefer to book yourself, but do remember to inform us of your arrival in advance so our friendly staff will be waiting for you on arrival to help with your luggage, but AVOID the 3 other ferry companies servicing Saracen Bay - at Eden, Freedom & Rumi piers - which are long hard walks to Sol Beach Resort (see below.)

Islands map.jpg

Ferries to our Island -- Our island is Koh Rong Sanloem (aka Samloem) and our sister island is Koh Rong.  All ferry companies go to both islands and depart from the same pier in Sihanoukville, at the autonomous port (map); which has a comfortable new indoor terminal with concessions.  

It takes 30 to 75 min depending.... Ferries often head first to the island with the most passengers (often our island) and then the other island before returning to Sihanoukville.  If the ferry heads to our island first, it is a 30-min ride, if it heads to our sister island, then it can be a 60 to 75 min ride.  The inverse is true when departing from our island.  Do not select a company based on which island they plan as the first stop, it is MUCH more important WHICH of the 3 piers on Saracen Bay that it stops at -- you only want Island Speed Ferry or Romny Ferry which stop at Paradise (Soonoeng)Pier (map) !

Why we only recommend... Island Speed Ferry & Romny Ferry  (from the mainland) as these companies operate bigger boats (important during windy conditions) and go to the correct pier closest to us.

Your destination pier is... Paradise (SoonoengPier (map) (in Saracen Bay, on Koh Rong Sanloem), which is the only  pier that is easy to access from our resort.

Below is a collection of above details, w/ links and current ferry schedules compiled by us (click this link)

Paradise Pier.jpg

The Correct Ferry Information

The CORRECT Ferry Information to Sol Beach Resort:
We recommend only:  Island Speed Ferry or Romny Ferry  (to our island)
Same departure pier:  Autonomous port (map) 
Both arrive at the correct pier:  Paradise (Soonoeng) Pier on Saracen Bay (250m ~10-min sandy beach walk to our resort)

  • Both these 2 ferry companies operate the same circular route from Sihanoukville's Autonomous port (map)  to both islands (Koh Rong Sanloem & Koh Rong), and these two companies operate bigger boats (very important during windy conditions.) 

  • Be careful of the WRONG ferry companies & WRONG piers on Saracen Bay
    Do NOT take any of the other 3 ferry companies to Saracen Bay -- They claim to stop "on Saracen Bay" but their piers (Eden, Freedom & Rumi piers) are far away (~1 to 1.5km) and a very hard & long (~30-40min) walk over rocks to our beach.)  

For a cumulative Ferry Schedule of all companies:  (click this link)  (as of March 2024)

(You should confirm Ferry times prior to departure by clicking on the ferry company names above or their icons at right.  Or contact us for assistance.)

recommend only...

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External Sites & Online Reservations

Sihanoukville Airport -- KOS Flight Arrival/Departures

Online Reservations for Ferry/Bus/Taxi -- BookMeBus (local site)

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